Legendary Days

Fantastic land, adventure PK


It is a magic dual-end RPG game. The player can have his own adventure on an eastern-style fantastic land. The game has a free PK system. The popular playing method allows the player to experience the happiness of fighting.


Wizard: The wizard who is good at using flames, thunder, lightning, ice and snow, is quite capable of remote magic attacks. He often needs sultry way of walking to avoid injuries due to his weak defense and less blood. With good skills, the wizard is the focus among the crowds. A powerful wizard is a guarantee for a team’s high output!

Warrior: The god of war family have been learning martial arts since ancient times, and are and persistent. A warrior never fears violent monsters and always runs in front of a team. Strong physical attacks and defense give the warrior excellent ability of close fighting. The warrior can give the player pleasant experience of perfect output and a fatal attack.

Taoist priest: With good ability of assistance, the Taoist priest gives a team member strong gain property and protect the team member against the enemy’s attacks. With strong ability of continuous hurting and mythical creatures calling, the Taoist priest can fight against a strong monster independently.