Joyful Big Screen

Warming-up sign-in; on-wall message; voting and lucky draw; site interaction; recreational game; message playback

Joyful Interaction is an interactive software platform developed by Joy Technology Co., Ltd. It is applied to various activity sites. The major products include Joyful Big Screen and M3D. It is used in conjunction with WeChat which is currently the most popular social platform so that the guests can sign in and participate in subsequent 2D or 3D interactions just by scanning a QR code. “It” includes hundreds of interactive functions such as sign-in, display, entertainment, competition and lucky draw to provide support to various activity sites. “It” not only attracts the guests effectively to follow and participate in the activities, but also helps the sponsor solve the problems in activity planning, increase the popularity and spreading rate of the activity and maximize its effects.

In addition, with the support of the platform’s strong background data analysis, real-time monitoring of activity data and accurate counting of interactions, participants, verifications and cancellations, the activity management and effect analysis can be simpler and clearer. With two years of marketing experience and business developing starting from 2014, it has helped the organization of nearly ten thousands of activities and is accepted and highly spoken of by thousands of users. It also has a good reputation in the industry, attributing to its excellent functional system, stable data assurance, efficient R&D progress and high-quality services.

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